"Others Before Self"


We the people of the Botetourt Citizens Defense Group, aspire to aid and protect the communities of Botetourt County through volunteerism, outreach and training in preparation for situations of need, disaster and tyranny with the Virginia and US Constitutions as our foundation and God as our strength.


The Botetourt Citizens Defense Group is an organization of patriotic Americans with a deep love for God, country, community and family. We are dedicated to serving and protecting all citizens in our immediate community of Botetourt under the guidance of our Heavenly Father. We are committed to devoting the necessary time and resources to better prepare ourselves in handling situations that may threaten the well being and rights of the citizens. Our first priority is the defense of Botetourt County, but as we grow and develop, our intentions are to be capable of lending assistance to neighboring counties if invited to do so.  Upon maturity, the Botetourt Citizens Defense Group will be a viable unit of the unorganized VA State Militia authorized by the VA Constitution as amended.


We are law abiding citizens that believe in the bed-rock principles our Founding Fathers held dear as they established our great nation.   We believe that the United States Constitution as well as the Virginia Constitution are important documents worth preserving. We believe that the United States is the best country in the world and that no other country’s citizens enjoy the magnitude of freedom that those in the USA enjoy. Countless soldiers have fought for and given their lives to guarantee each American the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  The Botetourt Citizens Defense Group understands and appreciates the sacrifices that these soldiers have made and will fight to preserve the freedoms that they have sacrificed for.


If you share in these beliefs and are willing to unite with us, please download and complete a membership application.

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